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Trip Advisor reviews are important for just about everyone in the hospitality industry, and as Trip Advisor expands a lot of people use it as their Travel Bible. Trip Advisor has been and continues to be a growing way for people to get what you think is a genuine opinion from the other users, then based on that opinion alone may or may not use that company based on the “genuine reviews” just read on Trip Advisor.

This is why Mar1 Sport Fishing ask that

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So how important are those reviews to the company that you are looking at? Extremely important and there are stories of companies actually going out of business from a few bad reviews on Trip Advisor. In markets where there is very strong competition, this makes people and businesses an easy target for competitors to attack on-line with fake reviews to make them look bad and steer potential clients away from them.  

The most common responses that you get from everyone that hears about this happening is “Just get Trip Advisor to remove the review” or “Just report it as inappropriate” and this is always easier said than done. These inappropriate reviews are in many cases, hard to get removed, even when the reviews are blatantly false, the damage has already been done.

In most cases there is a “lag” in time that it takes for reviews posted on Trip Advisor. From the time that the owner receives notification of the review, then reports the reviews to Trip Advisor as a fake then gets it removed if they will remove it at all, in my experience is usually about a 7 day minimum process. Now take into consideration that Trip Advisor gets an average of 7.9 Million unique visitors on their website a week, the amount of people that could see that inappropriate reviews is staggering.

Trip Advisor is a great tool that is loved by many consumers, however if you ask anyone that has a hospitality business listed how they like Trip Advisor their facial expression will always tell you the answer before the person can tell you. If you are ever interested just Google “I hate trip advisor” or Trip Advisor Lawsuits” and see what you find.

And if it isn’t enough to know that Trip Advisor could actually make or break your business, there are now companies set up with the sole purpose to write “fake” reviews to help rankings on Trip Advisor’s accounts and are paid to do so. So needless to say the “genuine reviews” maybe far and few between for some companies if they chose to pay the price and are very hard to spot for the consumer.

We suggest that when you are picking organizations to work with on the internet here in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, you look at the ones who present themselves in a positive way and tell you what have to offer within their own company.  Do no work with people who sell negatively against competitors.   If the company is telling you why the other guy is bad, run away.

Proudly serving the Quatily Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Charter boats for 7 years,

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