Costa Rica Surfing Tours

surfingIf you're into surfing, the gorgeous beaches and waves of the ocean is there for you! If you're into kite surfing, wind surfing, or just riding the waves on a long surf board, you can do it, here in Costa Rica. Surfers flock to Costa Rica for exhilarating swells and the kick back lifestyle found in Pure Vida culture. The Central Pacific coastline offers two or three distinctive beaches for you to explore.

These locations depend on what you’re searching for. There are swells nearby at Matapalo beach. This is an out-of-the way location. If you are looking for surfing-tourmore of a spiritual surfing experience Matapalo is an excellent connection point. The surf can be a little inconsistent but it is a very special place to visit. Matapalo is not big on nightlife as the small beach front town is solar powered. What surfers will find if they trek here, where the rainforest meets the sand, is a unity and quietude with the ocean.

Playa Hermosa, to the north, is a very popular location. You won’t have any problems finding excellent swells. The three-mile beach town has some surfing-tourstricky waves to ride so you could make a two or three day excursion out of it. This beach is for the most part uncrowded and you will find other like-minded surfers in the nightlife here. Playa Jaco is further north and could be dubbed the quintessential surf/party town. It’s long surf and waves are friendly to beginners. There are many surf breaks, a long sandy bottom, and there are services around for surf essentials (shops, board repairs, and budget eats). Experience the ultimate in surfing on you Quepos Fishing Vacation with us. To find out more or booking Info Contact Mar 1 Sport fishing.

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Experience the ultimate in Surfing with Mar 1 Sport Fishing on you Quepos Fishing Vacation with Mar 1. To find out more or booking Info Contact Mar 1 Sport Fishing

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