offshore fishing for MarlinCosta Rica Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing in Costa Rica the dream of most anglers is in my opinion one of the most exciting thing to do in Costa Rica. The amazing offshore or Deep Sea fishing offers a variety of offshore fish that can be caught usually 15 - 30 miles from shore is truly amazing and thats why Costa Rica is concidered to have some of the best Billfishing in the World.

Offshore or Deep Sea Fishing

offshore fishing for SailfishIf you ever wanted to catch a massive Blue Black or Striped Marlin, then Costa Rica is a good place for your next Vacation. The numbers of bill fish in the waters of Costa Rica is the reason that most travel here, and is definitely what keeps most anglers coming back to fish Costa Rica.

Offshore fishing Costa Rica we are lucky to have all of the the following Species of Fish that you can try your luck at when you are fishing offshore.

Offshore Fish Species:

Offshore, Deep Sea or in-shore what is in your dream fishing charter Holiday going to consist of on your next visit to Costa Rica? Maybe a little of both the offshore fishing and in-shore fishing, with a dash of Lake fishing. No matter what fish species you are looking to catch as an angler we have the charter for you.

offshore fishingOffshore Fishing is well known as one of the largest factors in tourism here in Costa Rica, its said hat 75 % of the tourist industry that visit here in Costa Rica is men comming to do some offshore fishing.

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