Mangrove Fishing Costa Rica

Mangrove fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica, for those who want the whole fishing Costa Rica experience.

The Mangrove Experience

mangrove-fishingThe Mangrove Fishing Experience is more than a fishing trip, it's an amazing natural adventure. The dramatic setting is the intensely beautiful Isla Damas Mangrove Sanctuary, an area specifically protected within Costa Rica's Constitution.

There are monkeys roaming freely, exotic tropical birds, reptiles and much more endangered wildlife in this most Tarzanesque of natural environments you can experience.

mangrove-fishingThe guides are locally-born and are qualified experts at spotting the flora and fauna. They have spent their entire young lives fishing the mangroves and are allowed to keep the pathways and tunnels open with the government's permission.

The first order of the day is to gather bait by casting a net in search for shrimp, small crabs and small fish. Usually the cast netting is very productive. When the casting is less abundant other fun measures are called for, including catching small crabs by hand that line the shore's mangrove roots.

fishing-mangrovesThe bait-gathering adventure winds down while you enjoy a cold drink on the water's edge and the guides get the boat squared away to await the exact tidal change. You will cruise along the gentle waters to the best fishing spot where a delightful picnic lunch will be served aboard the panga. The fishing (which as you will soon learn is somewhat incidental to the rest of the experience) starts by breaking out the hand spools and learning to throw a hand line. You will fish the day away like the locals do, we also have "regular" equipment on board for those who like.

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