Mar 1 Sport Fishing Cancelation, Refund and Payment Policy

Mar 1 Sport Fishing Cancelation, Refund and Payment Policy is in case something happens and you can't make your trip to Quepos. Unfortunately there are some things that may happen when you are on vacation that are just out of our control. Mar 1 Sport fishing has a couple of different types of deposit that are required during the booking process so we will cover each of the deposits and the different policy that applies to them.

Daily Charter Deposits

Daily Charter deposits are fully refundable as long as the charter is cancelled within 14 days of the charter. If the charter is cancelled with in the 14 day window because of illness, weather, delay of flight Mar 1 sport fishing will try to either reschedule your charter or in extreme circumstances refund your deposit up to 100% depending on the situation.

Daily Charter deposits will be forfeited and are nonrefundable if the charter is cancelled within 14 days if it does not apply to any other reason or in case of a no-show.

Daily Charter Full Payment

Daily charter full payment if you decided to pay for the charter with credit card in the required 14 days in advance of the charter. If charter is cancelled before 72 hours, payment will be returned minus a $50.00 refund charge. If charter is cancelled with in the 72 hour window, except in extreme circumstance the payment will be forfeited and nonrefundable.

Vacations and Holiday Package Deposit

Vacations and Holiday Package Deposit that has been made and is still before the 30 day final payment is usually fully refundable. The only reason that it would not be would be if the hotel or resort has a nonrefundable policy, Mar 1 sport fishing will make sure you are aware of this if this is the case for you.

Vacation and Holiday Package Full Payments

Vacation and Holiday Package Full Payments these are extreme cases that are totally different in every situation depending on the Hotel or Villa, flights, tours, fishing etc. They all carry different cancelation policies and also depend on how far ahead of the holiday the cancelation is made.

If this something you are considering then there has usually been some sort of emergency and you are not wanting to cancel but have no other choice then Mar 1 sport fishing will do what Mar 1 can to get as much of your payment back as possible.

If you just do not show up for your vacation than you will forfeit all payments and it will be non-refundable.

Mar 1 Sport fishing Fair Cancellation Policy

Mar 1 Sport Fishing Quepos has a fair cancelation policy and are not trying to punish you in case of an illness or emergency but on the other hand Mar 1 doesn't want to lose a day of fishing because you don't show up the day of fishing. The days that are available in Quepos for our "season" are very valuable and Mar 1 can usually get them filled up if given enough notice, Mar 1 likes to get you back as much money as possible.

Cancellations made by Mar 1 Sport Fishing Quepos, Costa Rica

Although this doesn't’t usually happen Mar 1 does reserve the right to cancel a trip for any reason including too few participants on a shared charter, weather or any other extreme circumstance.

If Mar 1 does cancel a trip as aforementioned; Mar 1 sport fishing will refund all payments in full which were made to us.

If there is an unforeseen mechanical failure we will try to reschedule your trip or will get you on another comparable charter boat for you to enjoy that day scheduled. Your deposit will not be refunded in this case, you will not be charged if the replacement boat is a higher cost, or you may have to pay less if there is a lower cost for the charter.

Thanks for your business and I hope that we never need this and you have a great day fishing, or have a great holiday with us here in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica.


Mar 1 Sport fishing Quepos reserves the right to make all refund decisions final in accordance with our Cancellation Policy and circumstances.


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