Quepos Fishing Report 2010

Were created to get you the angler Excited for your upcoming Quepos Fishing Charter Experience. It also give you the option to better choose you Quepos Fishing Charter by looking for checking the Catch rates and patterns. It Also offers those of us lucky enough to come to Quepos, Costa Rica on a whim the opportunity to see a hot bite and get on a plane to come check it out.

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Quepos Fishing Report for Dec. 31 2010

With the year coming to an end we can wrap this years fishing report up, we hope that this Amazing Marlin bite sticks around for the coming tourists, and that the Sailfish start coming in as well. The Mahi bite was weirdly slow this year with all the rain we had it was looking to be a great Mahi season but the Mahi just never really showed up, oh well we will take the Marlin bite of the Mahi bite any day. So from Mar1 Sport fishing have a great New Years Eve and stay out of trouble!!

Quepos Fishing Report for Dec. 28 2010

Captain Tim on Chasing Bills was at it again and had the same clients that seemed to have recuperate from the day before.... Until the reel went off and they were into another 4 hour fight and this time they were rewarded with what they estimated at about 700# Blue Marlin!!! Waiting for the pictures to post.

Quepos Fishing Report for Dec. 27 2010

Captain Tim on the Chasing Bills was out today to see if he could cash in on the amazing Marlin bite we have been blessed with this year, there was a bunch of boats in one area and he thought he would split off the pack in search for the big one. What the clients ended up with was an almost 4 hour fight and when they got the 600# Blue Marlin to the boat the sun was searing and it was time to head home.

Quepos Fishing Report for Dec. 25 2010

Had a crew out today for a Christmas tradition, however the moon was not in our favor and things were slow slow slow. We did manage to find a nice pod of Dolphins with some tuna in them but were unable to hook any up, we had a couple Marlin in the spread but they just weren't hungry. I guess if I was up having a feeding frenzy at night under a big full moon I wouldn't be taking the bait either. Oh well overall was a great day with good friends on the water.

Quepos Fishing Report for December 21 2010

Today we had a challenge ahead of us, we had 1 client onboard that had NEVER caught a bill fish, and we wanted to be a part of this so we had a photographer join them on the boat. With the Mahi-Mahi bite very slow as of late we saw a nice big tree floating about 20 miles from Quepos and thought it was worth a quick troll around and wow were we ever rewarded, We barely had the lines in the water and had a double header so needless to say we spent about 50 of those first 60 minutes fighting fish,and we had 3 Mahi-Mahi on board for supper. With the amount of bait around we caught a few Bonita for bait and went looking for that Marlin or Sailfish. We then heard this amazing splash and there cam the head of a quality Quepos Marlin, and his name was Black, We hooked up and the line started to peel, and , peel we managed a quick fight with a set of tremendous Quepos Marlin jumps and then the line went slack, and there went the clients first shot at a Quepos Marlin.

Other reports from the local Captains were, 1 marlin and 2 Sailfish on the Blue water 2, Dream Believer 3 who was close to us managed 3 Mahi-Mahi, 1 Marlin, and 2 small sharks that were feasting at the bait ball. The boats that decided to head to the Furuno were sadly disappointed with a slow bite, the Frenzy gave trolling up and got some S napper and Amberjack bottom fishing though.

Quepos Fishing Report for December 20 2010

With the heavy rain last night we weren't sure how the Inshore bite was going to be today, today was one of those days that you just had to have trust that Captain Oscar would use his vast experience to get the clients on fish, and what a job he did. When the clients came back to the pier they were smiling and had big bags of fish to bring off the boat. So the fishing report today was 2 big Spanish Mackerel and as Captain Oscar put it "Mucho Mucho Jacks I lost count of them" so when your Captain is losing count of the fishing report totals you know the clients got the experience they were after.

December 19 2010 Quepos Fishing Charter Report

With the clients at the dock and the Mar 1 waiting departure we were staring into a nasty cloud coming over Manuel Antonio National Park we knew that we were going to get wet, but it was looking like a great day for fishing. Were we right when the clients came back to the dock at the end of the day it great news, They released 1 Massive Blue Marlin after it almost spooled them, estimated weight 600#!!!! then to top of the day they also managed to release 2 very nice Sailfish. The clients got some nice videos and pictures so we are hoping to get our hands on them so we can post them for you. Client is off for a 1/2 day inshore to look for some Roosters.

The Quepos Fishing reports

Are still coming in with multiple marlin releases.... as well as Sails up in the spread with multiple releases daily as well, what a great Quepos fishing charters season this is looking up to be!!!!

Quepos Fishing Report December 1-4 2010

Wow the first couple of days of December are in the books, and what a great week of fishing, Multiple Marlin days have been reported, some Sailfish are being caught, and there are still some HUGE schools of Yellow fin Tuna in the area and when the boats are lucky enough to see them they are reaping the benefits.

Quepos Fishing Report November 16 - 30 2010

The Tunas are still thee and the Mahi are starting to make a pull for the best and the most of the reports. November 24 2010 Quepos Fishing Report, well today was one of those days that the boat owner and Captain love...lol Off they went for a 1/2 day inshore and the clients lasted 30minutes before the night before activities caught up to them and they returned home to the dock

November 18 2010 Quepos Fishing Report

Well the pressure was on today for Captain Tim, it was the clients 60th Birthday and all he wanted was to catch a Marlin, no pressure right??? Well they did manage to land 5 nice Mahi -Mahi 2 of them were huge Captain Tim says in the 70# range if you can believe that, also on the list were many Yellow Fin Tunas some of which were in the #20 range. Then they heard reels screaming and a bill come up and they were hooked up, just a Sailfish who did a few jumps then spit the hook. The did see a couple Marlin in the spread but none that wanted to get hooked... Oh well over all a GREAT DAY of Quepos Fishing Excitement.

Quepos Fishing Report November 1 - 15 2010

Well the Marlin are moving North and the Tuna have taken over, reports of HUGE schools of them were the anglers just can't keep up!!! Now that a problem everyone wants. Some tuna are being brought in up to #300 and there still are Marlin and Sails out there for you to get a shot at. November 13 Quepos Fishing Report, Captain Tim was able to get some clients out today for a 1/2 day and they managed to catch 2 nice Mahi- Mahi a and a few nice Mackerel.

Quepos Fishing Reports October 16-31 2010

Not much has changed here, the rain continues to fall, and the Marlin continue to bite, some have been reported to be upwards of #700!!! So if you are looking for that Marlin of your dreams plan to come fish with us in October!!!

Quepos Fishing Reports October 1-15 2010

So if you are looking for some of the world renowned sun and relaxation on he local beaches this is not the time you want to come to Quepos, however if you are looking for some GREAT Marlin action this is the PERFECT time. Just about every boat going out is reporting MULTIPLE Marlin releases on a daily basis when they are lucky enough to get out.

Quepos Fishing Reports September 16 - 30 2010

Captain Tim on Chasing Bills was able to get a group out and they found some Bonita for bait and saw some action at the teasers, but the fish just weren't cooperating. How does that saying go you can bring the bait to the fish, but you can't make them eat it...

Quepos Fishing Charters Report September 1 - 15 2010

And here is where the reports slow down with many of the boats going in for maintenance for the upcoming high season, and with the rains coming the fisherman slow down and to see only 1 or no boats leaving the pier in the morning becoming more and more rare. The reports that we did get contain some Sails and Lots of Marlin, and Big Marlin.

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for August 15 - 31 2010

Wow there are still a pile of Amber jacks being caught out there, the inshore has been fantastic with reports of some more big roosters and snappers.

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for August 1 - 15 2010

Holy Amber jacks Batman... the reports have been full of them late, there have still been some Marlin reported in the #300 range and some really nice sails to being boated. It is time for you to book your flights and come down for your Quepos Fishing Charters Vacation

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for July 15 - 31 2010

We are happy to report some GREAT fishing reports lately, inshore has been great with some roosters, snappers and Snook. Offshore reports have been just as good with Marlin, Sails and Tuna with some Mahi-Mahi.

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for July 1 - 15 2010

OK the fish are back!!! there have been multiple reports of Marlin being released in the #500 + range!!! of course these are estimated weights and we all know how fish "get bigger" on the way home...

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for June 16 - 30 2010

The fish numbers are a little down in the area, there are still Marlin and Sails in the area but they just aren't biting as good as they were at the beginning of the month, oh well fishing right?

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for June 1 - 12 2010

June 5 2010 Quepos Fishing Report from the Mar 1. Well we had newly weds on board today and they had a great day. With many Yellow Fin Tunas, a Wahoo and some arch iris the fish count was in the double digits. Great to be out fishing is what Captain Oscar on the Mar 1 was saying, Welcome to Costa Rica!!! Other Reports are about the same Great Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica Continues

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for the week of May 23 - 31 2010

The bite has stayed amazing here in Quepos, still having multiple Marlin hookups, lots of Sails and there are rumors of some Yellow fin Tuna in the #250 Range, you get on to one of these trains you better HOLD ON!!!

Quepos Fishing Charters Report for the week of May 16 - 22 2010

May 18 Quepos Fishing Report, wow it has been a while since Captain Oscar was out for a day of fishing. Today we had a great couple on board and they managed 3 of 6 Sails and had a great day with Captain Oscar on the Mar 1

Quepos Fishing Report for the week of May 9 - 15 2010

The inshore fishing here in Quepos has been truly amazing, some huge Rooster fish are being landed as well as the Quepos fishing Offshore reports have been Great as well.

Quepos Fishing Report for the week of May 2 - 8 2010

Reports are full of Sailfish, multiple Marlin hook ups and the Tuna are starting to arrive

April 24 Quepos Fishing Charters Report.

What a Crazy day, big seas big waves but the fishing was excellent!!! We managed to hook and loose 1 Blue Marlin, released 2 of 5 Sailfish we had bite, Captured 1 of 2 Mahi and lost 1 Wahoo. WOW for a day that 1/2 the boats in the fleet went home for sick clients we got beat up but had a great day!

April 22 2010 Quepos Sport Fishing Report,

Oscar had his hands full today as the reports from yesterday were not very strong so he was hoping his experience would help. When he got to the fishing grounds it was dead so he spotted some dolphins and tried around them for some tunas, had a BIG one on for 30min and then it spit the hook. They managed to get 1 nice Wahoo

April 20 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report

Wow did it start out HOT at 8am we were already cooking, so when it clouded over we were sure glad!! The day was great for fishing after the clouds rolled in, we went 2 for 6 on Sails

April 17 2010 Quepos Fishing Report from Mar 1 Sport fishing

Well today started out weird, the plan went from a full day Offshore to a half day inshore, then the client called and backed out at 6:15. So there we were with Live bait ready to go with... So Tracey, Tyler and I jumped o n and went to look for some roosters. Off to the rocks we go, get there and all our baits dead…LOL So we went to look for Sardines and nada... So Offshore we went. We ended up with Tylers First Sailfish and Mahi!!! Back at the house with a bucket of shrimp by 1:30 nice day.

April 16 2010 Fishing Report from Quepos, Costa Rica

The Mar 1 had a split group on today and everyone seemed to gel Right away so that was Great. They managed to release 1 of 4 Sails that were raised to the boat.

April 14 2010 Quepos Fishing Report

We had honeymooners on the boat today in search of their First Sails. Captain Oscar came through for them and managed to release 2 of 6 so they got 1 each!!! Nice overcast day so the heat was not an issue today, what a great day of fishing with Oscar.

April 13 2010 Mar 1 Quepos Fishing Report.

When the clients showed up for day 1 of 2 the live bait for inshore wasn't around so they decided to go offshore for the day. They were rewarded with 2 of 5 Sails and had a good time with Captain Oscar


April 8 2010 Quepos Fishing Report.

Today was just a great day, we found the clients wondering around town on the 6th and managed to get them unlost as well as booked to fish today. We had a blast we spent a 1/2 day inshore, the client got his first Rooster fish and I got my first Shark!! Fishing is always better when there is great company on board.

April 7 2010 Quepos Fishing Report .

Today we had a Father son combo on the boat, The challenge was to get the young fella a Sail and Oscar had a 3/4 Day to do it. Oscar was Successful and the young fella managed to release 1 of 5 Sails he had on. Great job my friend and it is nice to be a part of the first one!!!

April 6th 2010 Quepos Fishing Report,

Oscar and the Mar 1 had a 1/2 day inshore trip today and it started with no bait so that wasn't good. After a good search for some bait they trolled some had a few bites but didn't get much worth bragging about.

April 5 2010 Quepos Deep Sea Fishing Report,

well off for a 1/2 day off shore, not a preferred trip but some people do want them. Captain Oscar raced out to try and find the fish fast and managed to find them, 4 in the baits 3 hooked and the clients managed only a couple good fights but no releases.

April 3-4 Quepos Deep Sea Fishing Report

is blank as Captain Oscar headed inland to spend some WELL DESSERVED time with his family for the weekend. We are back at it tomorrow so we will post reports when we get them.

April 2 2010 Quepos Fishing Report,

Oscar had a family of 5 on the boat today and there were 2 goals, supper and Sails for the boys. Captain Oscar got them all they managed to get 3 Sails and 3 Mahi for supper!!! At the end of the day everyone was happy and had a great day.

April 1 2010 Mar 1 Quepos Fishing Report,

Wow can you believe we are in April... Nice day in Quepos a little mid day April fools Earthquake so how will that affect the bite? Well the clients were 2 for 4 with Sail fish today. 1 reported Marlin in the spread as well.

March 31 2010 Quepos Marlin Report,

Oh and the Marlin are getting thick out there with lots of sighting's, today Captain Oscar was rewarded, his estimate is #350 and his name was blue. What a day a MONSTER Mahi, Mr. Blue and a Sail for a good mix... What a great day.

March 30 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report,

Another hot day here in Quepos as we saw the clients off we almost felt bad for them as we knew it was going to be hot. The fishing was not so bad either as they had many fish in the spread but the clients were only able to manage 1 of 4 Sails hooked up for them. They had a great Day.at day and they looked like lobsters when they got off the Mar 1 at the end of the day.

March 29 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report,

What a great day. Captain Oscar got 2 really nice Snook and a few Roosters, the clients will be back April 1 for a full day off shore. We had return client from the 25th with Captain John on the Mirce Azul with his family a and they did wee as well. We were hearing reports of Great offshore action today so we hope it lasts for Captain Oscar Tomorrow.

March 26 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report.

It started out with a bang, 1/2 an hour in we had a double header of Mahi so we had supper now we were looking for some Sails or Marlin. After a few hours the reel went off and when the fish cam in it was a really nice Wahoo. Shortly after that a smaller boat in the area broke down so we spent the rest of the day on a rescue mission.

March 25 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report,

we had a client trying to fill a bucket list task today and that was to get a Sail on the fly. First fish rose to the boat and he made a great cast with the fly and the fish took it, only to spit the fly in a matter of seconds. He managed to cast to 4 more Sail and a BIG Blue Marlin but was unsuccessful in getting the list checked off. Over all a great day on the arteriostenoses in getting the list checked off. Over all a great day on the water.

March 24 2010 Quepos Sail fishing Report,

Day 2 for clients and off they went, totals for the day were 8 Sails Raised in the spread and 1 for 4 hooked and released. March 23 2010 Quepos sail fishing report, well after a well deserved 2 days off Captain Oscar was off and ready today. It ended up being a great day with a pile of fish raised and 4 Sails released which is great considering how the fishing has been.

March 21 2010 Quepos sail fishing report,

Day 2 for the boys and after a slow day yesterday they were ready to go. After seeing many boats come in blank we were awaiting their arrival at the pier and they were the last ones back to dock. As hard and as long as they could Captain Oscar and Popi managed 1 Mahi and were 0 for 3 on Sails. Fun was had by all and we hope to see the clients again.

March 19 2010 Quepos sail fishing report,

We've got a great group on for today and tomorrow so let's hope the fish cooperate!! They came back in from day 1 a little different color and managed to get 1 Sailfish out of another tough day of fishing. Again in Quepos there were a few boats coming back with nada so Oscar must be doing something right!!!

March 18 2010 Quepos sail fishing report.

OK so after all the research today was the day, so I booked it for us!!! We headed out and the weather was perfect overcast and cool. Lines in and 1hour later boom Sail on and released, 10 Min later boom 2 on a double header with a third fish at the back of the boat. 2 released, 15 Min later... boom 1 Mahi for supper, then the sun came out, and that was it and the bites stopped...LOL

March 17 2010 Quepos sail fishing report

day 4 for the clients and they headed offshore for some more Sailfish action. After an hour and a half with no bites they decided to head to the beach for some snorkeling. After that they went to the river mouth and caught

March 16 2010 Quepos sail fishing report,

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!! Day 3 for the clients and their 8 year old son boated his own Sail!!! The 10 year old got 2 Sails and Dad got stuck watching mom and the boys!!! Fish total was 5 Sails and 1 Mahi. Will get the camera from Captain and post pictures tomorrow night.

March 15 2010 Fishing Report,

Days like today leave you wondering, the moon is perfect the seas are right the bait is there.... and no sailfish released???? All they could manage was 2 Tunas.. .

March 14 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report,

well day 2 for the clients and they spent the day inshore, they got into a school of Spanish Mackerel and had a blast, the young fellow Caught a 20+ pound Snook all by himself so he was super pumped. They have a day off then back for 2 more!!! Oscar is offshore today so we will get the story later. March 13 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report, well we started off a 4 day trip today with a lovely family with 2 small kids, they started offshore and got 3 bites really quick but couldn't keep them on, so they went inshore and got some needle fish, mackerel, roosters and a couple Con grill that tasted great at supper. Returning for day 2 in the morning March 11 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report, the clients got off the plane here in Quepos at 9:20 but by the time they got all their stuff ready it was almost 10:30 by the time they set off, so morning bite was gone by the time they got there and they managed 1 Sail in the afternoon and lost 2

March 10 Costa Rica Fishing Report,

well back inshore today with some repeat clients from the 8th and man were they busy, 8 total hook ups, unfortunately only 1 Rooster fish released but the clients tried hard to release all 8 but...hey that's fishing.

March 9 Costa Rica Fishing Report,

things are picking up again and the clients today had a blast, 2 Sails and a couple nice Yellow fin Tuna. Looks like the tunas are moving in as there are quite a few boats getting some lately. March 8 Costa Rica Fishing Report We had 2 couples out today for a split trip and they had a great day. The weather was HOT and the clients managed 2 sails and a BIG Mahi for supper. One client said that the Sail he caught was the biggest of his life, nice to be a part of memories March 7 Costa Rica Fishing Report, oK so we are going to start with some advice to everyone...lol when you are coming to fish party day 2. Fishing report was only 1 sail but they showed up late and were home by 1 so..... Other boats that made the day were coming in with good numbers

March 6 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report,

off for a 2 day trip day 1 was a full day inshore. They headed off in search of some inshore action and they were rewarded with 1 BIG Barracuda and a few Jacks, what a great way to start off a 2 day fishing trip.

March 5 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report,

well the bite continues to grow and Day 4 was a good one for the clients. They were rewarded with 1 Sail, 1 Mahi and a couple Jacks. The weather was HOT and I think they are melted and ready for a nap.

March 4 2010 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Well the clients from March 1 and 2 came Back to see if 3 was a charm and they were rewarded with 2 nice Sails, Seems most boats came in with multiple fish after a few REALLY slow days. Let's hope day 4 tomorrow is even better!!

March 3 2010 Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Report

Well off to start a new trend today and Oscar and Popi found the fish inshore, Rumors of over 50 Mackerel A few Jacks no Roosters kept the clients busy today. Great way to get on the fish again.

Feb. 26 2010 Quepos Fishing Report

we had 2 boats fishing for us today. Oscar and the crew on the Mar 1 Managed to boat 1 Big Sail and 2 HUGE Mahi and the Mar 1's twin the Senuelo del Pacifico managed to bring faith back to clients that had a really bad experience in Jaco and were rewarded here with a great trip from Mar 1 Sport ...Fishing and got 1 Big Sail and had a great day!! Feb. 25 2010 and it's a funny one. Well off for a 1/2 day inshore and they managed to release 1 Jack and 1 Popi.... The funny part is Popi is our mate and they managed to hook him in the big toe... all is well though and he will be ready to fish in the morning with a new toe ring...lol Feb. 24 2010 is WHOOOO HOOOOOO 6 BIG SAILS TODAY!!!!!!! 4 up for pictures and 2 released boat side!!!!!! The fish are BACK!!!!!!

Feb. 23 2010 Quepos Fishing Report

well the inshore bite has picked up and they managed 6 Jacks on a 1/2 day trip today. But the important news is THE OFFSHORE BITE IS BACK!!!!!

Quepos Fishing Reports Feb. 22 2010

well fishing was slow again!!! So since it was me and a couple friends we gave up and decided to pull into a cove and do some swimming instead...lol Feb. 21 2010 Quepos Sport Fishing Report, the day was nice and they managed 1 Sail and 1 Mahi, the fishing was slow and we are pretty sure that the 12 Commercial long line boats may have had something to do with it!!!!! How can we manage to get these guys to fish elsewhere so we can protect our resources???? Feb. 20 2010 Quepos Sport Fishing Report, things were looking good the moon was good last night & the fish gods were smiling. However the fish had other things in mind, because they were not biting. After seeing a big pod of Spinner dolphins and a HUGE 12' wide Manta Ray and a pile of sea turtles the boys worked hard all day and managed a... big fat zero... first 1 this year for us. I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching.

Quepos Fishing Charter Reports Feb. 18 2010

Quepos Sport Fishing Report, We had the Williams Group on the Mar 1 for Day 2 and also had Darryl from well-motivated on to get some more video for us they managed to get 3 Sails and had a great time with Oscar. We had another group on one of the Mar 1 Team boats the Mirce Azul off to an early start and they managed to l......and 4 Sails and an amazing 10 Grouper!!!! What a day for the Mar 1 Team!!! Feb. 17 2010 Quepos Sport Fishing Report Day 1 started for the Williams' group and they had a great day with Captain Oscar they managed to land 3 Sails and 1 Giant Mahi that tasted really good for supper. We also had a group on the Senuelo Del Pacifico another beautiful 31' Bertram and the Group from Canada managed the exact catch..... Same boat same numbers which is great as some boats came in with zeros on the day. Feb. 16 2010 Quepos Sport Fishing Report Well the clients were well rested for today and it's a good thing because the fishing today was GREAT the raised 15 sails managed to hook 10 of the 15 and had 5 Releases of 10 hooked. To top the day off the also got a Mahi for supper!!

Quepos Fishing Charter Report Feb. 15 2010

Quepos Sport Fishing Report is a funny one, the clients were so tired from the past 2 days they actually cancelled on us!!!! Oh well so we went out for a couple hours and got a small tuna for supper. So make sure if you are planning a trip to not book more than 2 days in a row or as the saying goes "if you can't handle the heat stay out of the TROPICS"!!! LOL

Quepos Fishing Charters Reports Feb. 14 2010

Quepos Sport Fishing Report the boys had a great day today, they managed 7 sails

Quepos Fishing Reports Feb. 13 2010

Quepos Sport Fishing Report, we got the clients off the plane here in Quepos this morning to start their 4 days with Captain Oscar. Today they started off with a 3/4 day off shore as they got into Quepos at 8:30 so too late for a full day. Sounds like they missed the early bite but still managed 2 BIG Sails and 1 HUGE Mahi. Today they are out on a full day off shore let's hope they get the morning bite! Feb. 12 2010 Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report, well a new crew for Captain Oscar today and after the 1 1/2 hour drive the clients showed up around 8:30 and off they went. Total fish count was 1 Sailfish, 2 Mahi and a really nice Tuna so they got to see lots of what this area has to offer for fishing!!!

Quepos Fishing Reports Feb. 11 2010

Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report, wellllll that marlin was too much for them yesterday and they were pretty beat up this morning so they headed out late fished for 2 hours and told Oscar to head home...lol Fish count 1 mahi-mahi that they wanted for supper. Not bad for 2 hours fishing ..LOL Feb. 10 2010 Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report, So the boys headed out for a 1/2 day on the Fly Catcher a new addition to the Mar 1 Team as the need for more boats comes, and even with the slow reports coming in they managed to get 1 NICE Red Snapper. Now for the big news Captain Oscar had a GREAT DAY they managed 3 Sailfish ......and a whopper 400# Blue Marlin!!! So needless to say we had some tired fishermen. Same crew for Oscar tomorrow. OK so the sun must be getting to me as I seemed to have gained a Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report day...lol so this report is actually for the 9th of February. Great day today the clients released 3 Sailfish so a 3 day total of 8!!!! We have them on a smaller boat tomorrow for some inshore action. Feb. 9 2010 Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report. Well it was raining on the boys till about 11 am and the Sailfish were there just not quite cooperating. 7 in the spread 5 hooked and only 1 landed, the clients also lost 1 mahi near the boat......hmmmmm maybe they will have better luck tomorrow for day 3!!!!

Quepos Fishing Charter Reports Feb. 8 2010

Quepos Fishing Charters fishing report, the bite was good today they managed to get 4 Sailfish and 1 Dorado for supper. Customers will be fishing 2 more days with Oscar; we woke up with rain here this morning which is "WIERD" for this time of year so we will see what that does for the bite today.

Quepos Fishing Charters Report January 29 2010

Quepos fishing report, Well there was still a bunch of crying customers coming in today is the full moon had the fish up eating all night again. No zeros for us though!! The clients went out on a 3/4 day and went 1 for 3 on Sailfish and got 2 nice Mahi-Mahi for supper. Good work Oscar!!

Quepos Fishing Reports January 28 2010

Quepos fishing report well we continue to catch fish, not all boats are having this privilege!! Some are coming back with zeros! Our totals for the day were 3 sails and 2 Mahi!!!

Quepos Fishing Reports Jan 27 2010

Quepos fishing report. Well a nice day in Quepos and the slow fishing continues for most, thankfully not for MAR 1!!! They released 5 great sails today and Darryl from Summit got some great footage for the customers. Great job Mar 1 team!!!

Quepos Fishing Reports Jan 23 2010

Quepos fishing report. We had Greg and his 3 children on board today for a repeat performance of early Dec. and the Sails were waiting, they hooked up 7 and managed 4 to the boat for pictures. Good friend Darryl of Summit Video Productions was on board to catch all the action and man did he get some great shots, I will try to get some posted ASAP for you. Thanks to Greg for coming back! Greg Daley

Quote "We just got home, what a Great Time! Oscar, Pio, and Darryl, made it a really good trip. The two double headers didn't hurt either. Can't wait to see the pictures... Mar1 Sport fishing Rocks!

Quepos Fishing Charters Reports Jan 21 2010

Quepos fishing report well the seas were calm and they managed 1 sail and 2 mahi good job boys

Quepos Fishing Charters Report Jan 20th 2010

Quepos fishing report. Well that figures... we had a camera man on board today to get some footage of the many anticipated sails and got 2 Mahi????? LOL oh well camera man is here for another 4 1/2 weeks so they can't hide forever!!!!

Quepos Sail fishing Reports Jan 19 2010

Quepos fishing report, oK back on the good reports... 2 Tunas 3 Mahi and 2 Sail fish GREAT DAY pictures to follow manana Jan 16 2010 Fishing Report. Well some days are slow and today was one of them. Clients had a 1/2 day inshore and managed only 1 rooster. Conditions were great the fish were just not cooperating.

Quepos Fishing Charters Report January 14 2010

Quepos fishing report things were looking up this am as yesterdays numbers were better so off they went. Water was flat and calm and the fishing was good fish count was 3 sails and 1 big mahi. Now the boys are hooked they are going for a 1/2 day inshore on Saturday and 1 client will be back on Wednesday

Quepos Fishing Charters Report January 12 2010

Quepos fishing report, well things were REALLY slow yesterday with a couple boats even getting skunked.....so all we could do for today was hope, slow morning so it was looking scary but the afternoon offered up 2 Great sails in the 160# range. Customers are Coming back on the 14 for round 2 Jan 7 2010 fishing report. Well the plan was a full day inshore and unfortunately the Rooster fish decided to take the day off so they moved to a nice reef to check it out and YEEHAA!!!! Fish Count 1 Red Snapper, 2 Jacks, 2 Tunas, 1 Mahi and 2 Sails 1 of were in the 200# range!!! Good job Oscar Jan 6 2010 fishing report, we had a guy and his 2 sons out today and they had a blast with Captain Oscar. Fish count was 3 sails and we will give the clients a point for bringing some good sunscreen so they didn't get to burnt...lol Jan 5 2010 Quepos fishing report was slow, Team Mar 1 only managed to release 1 sailfish, fishing again today so let's hope the reports are better

Quepos Fishing Charters Report Jan 3 2010

Quepos fishing report, what a great day we spent the day cooking at the beach while 2 great couples from Florida were out Slaying the fish with Captain Oscar fish total 6 Sailfish 2 Mahi, beach report we are crispy... lol