Quepos Fishing Report for 2009

Quepos fishing report Dec. 29 2009

We had return clients Mike and his daughter Kate on the Mar 1 for a nice day offshore and the weather looked good until we got off shore and it looked like it was going to turn on us, luckily we stayed dry and the fish were biting. Total fish count 4 Sailfish 1 Mahi-Mahi and a 5 Gallon bucket of shrimps, yes shrimp...lol

Quepos fishing report Dec. 28 2009

Says that that the Mahi are slowing and the Sails are Coming!!!! Most Boats returned today with more Sails than Mahi so that's good for the season and Sail hunters. The Mar 1 sport Fishing Team managed 2 Sailfish today and we hope Captain Oscar got PICTURES for me to post.

Quepos fishing report Dec. 23 2009

Well all the boats came back with small numbers today and we are happy to say we were the top of the pile!! 2 Mahi and 1 GIANT sail. The clients have a video of the fight so as soon as I get it I will post it.

Quepos fishing report Dec. 21 2009

..... Well we lost another client to the beer...LOL Funny thing was there was supposed to be 5 people and the guy that booked the trip was to hung over so they left him home...LMAO They got soaked it poured till 11am or so but managed 4 Mahi and 1 Sailfish and a good time was had by all Ok so what do you get when you see 2 already drunk fishermen, add some supper more beers and some local girls????? LMAO you get me tiring to wake them up for 2 hours and when I finally succeed they forfeit their deposit cause they were still TO DRUNK to fish!!!!! LOL so there will be no pictures from today's trip..........

Mar 1 Sport fishing Quepos Fishing Report

Well off to Los Suenos to pick up the clients at 4:45am, back at the pier and loaded into the boat by 7:15 and off they went with Captain Oscar. The results were 4 Nice Mahi and 1 Sailfish. Back to the pier to get the clients at 4pm and it's POURING RAIN!!!! Lol sounds like they spent a good part of the day hiding in the cabin from the rain which was ok by them but 1 problem........They drank 2 days of BEER!!!!!! Oh my.... so on the hunt for more beer for round 2 tomorrow.

Mar 1 Sport fishing Quepos Fishing report Nov. 28 2009

4 Mahi in the 50 # range and they managed to free 7 big sea turtles from some commercial boats long lines!!!! Great job to the Captain / Crew and customers for helping the Turtles out!!!!!!! Customers are sending me the pictures and I post them when I get them.

Mar 1 Sport fishing Quepos Fishing Report

well the first trip is in the books!!!! and the results are...... 6 Mahi 2 yellow fin tuna, 2 jack cravellle and 2 pooped out customers!!!!! Was a great day followed up with a great feast of mahi with the customers and a good friend.