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Mar1 Sport fishing reviews and testimonials for 2015

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Mar1 Sport fishing reviews and testimonials for March 2015

March reviews are still coming in and will be posted as soon as we can.




Mar1 Sport fishing reviews and testimonials for February 2015

Sorry Mark I don't do Trip Advisor but I will do this review. Second year in a row that we used Mar 1 Sport Fishing, I think we caught more fish last year but the trip was good and I would recomend Mark to anyone looking to fish in Quepos / Manuel Antonio.

Tony H.

Thanks again for looking after us in Jaco. We booked a 5 night 3 day package in Los Suenos / Jaco with Mar 1 and I would recomend them to everyone. They picked us up, put us at the Best Western in Jaco thats All-Inclusive so that was nice. We fished 3 days on the Miss Behavin with Captain Alex and released 59 Sailfish in 3 days it was crazy.

We are already making plans to head back to Costa Rica and we will let Mark take care of everything for us again without a worry that it will be perfect!

Mike R.

I fished with 2 companies while in Quepos and I sent this review to both.

After 2 Days of offshore fishing I can tell you we had a great day on both boats, both were easy to book, the only difference was a little bit of cost.

Well we see where the cost comes in, the cheaper of the 2 was found at the pier, and one was in the Marina. If you have not been to the "PIER" in Quepos then let me tell you I would not recomend it if you are not fully able, it is extreamely steep and slippery as a matter of fact one of us fell comming back up. Service on board was about the same, a little more equipped with more food a drink on the more expensive option but overall close.

Over all both companies were easy to deal with, and the fishing was great so the only thing I would recomend besides with booking with Mar 1 Sport Fishing is to make sure your boat will be ii the Marina for the little extra cost it is WELL worth it.

Donny C.

Great Save, after a double booking we had to switch boats last minute but it went off without a switch. The boat we wanted was a little bigger but there was still ample room and we were all comfortable, good crew and we caught fish. Good Save!

Char W.

Great day in-shore on the IDRA II this is a nice comfortable boat with a good crew on it, if you are looking for a good in-shore boat ask to book the IDRA II and you will be very satisfied.

Jorge K.

Great day offshore on the Reel In very nice boat, good crew and we managed to release 9 Sailfish it was a great day. I would recommend this boat to anyone looking to charter in Quepos, very good boat for the money.


Great trip offshore on the Three Brothers, easy to book, and amazing fishing we will definitely do you a Trip Advisor review.

Jon A.

Last minute trip worked out fantastic, 2 days fishing 3 nights hotel and back to work. Thanks again for making it all work out so smooth.

Bonnie L.

Started out great, sorry to have to cancel the trip last minute. After a medical emergency we had to call our trip really short but Mark and Merlin and crew helped us out the entire way, with out them we may had had more than an emergency. Thanks for the coming with us and helping out along the way.

Bill J.

Mar1 Sport fishing reviews and testimonials for January 2015

What a great trip we just got home from our 5 days of fishing and wish we never left. Everything from the fishing to the house was perfect that's again and we will be back!!

Alex B

Great 2 days of fishing, we fished two days 1 group in 2 boats one day and a smaller group went offshore the second day. Both days of fishing were fantastic with the in-shore fishing supper for a couple nights, and some great Sailfishing offshore the second day. We fished the Mar 1 both days and the Blue Pearl 2 the first day, both boats were in good order and the crews were fantastic on both.

David G.

Great day on the IDRA II what a great time offshore thanks again for getting us Hooked up.

Sam M.

Great trip thanks again, my son and I had a fantastic time and everything went pretty smooth. Mark looked after our accommodations and we fished 3 days on the Mar 1. I would recommend Mark and the Mar 1 for anyone looking to have a great trip.

Tom B.

Hi Mark thanks again we had a great time, I will also do a review on Trip Advisor for you. We had a fantastic day fishing on the Three Brothers, everyone was super friendly and professional I would book with them again any time in Quepos.

Jeff D.

Great Day Fly Fishing on the Big Eye, thanks Mark for getting it set up the day couldn't have been better.

Mack K.


December 2014

Mark and Tracy,

Theresa and I just want to thank you again for the perfect honeymoon you shared with us. We can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay in Quepos and how everything went exactly as planned and on schedule. I am now sitting at my desk looking at the slide show pictures we have from the trip. Very hard to concentrate on work and not go back to our trip. We have posted comments on trip advisor about our stay in Quepos, but I feel they do not do give your treatment of us justice. If you ever need a personal recommendation with someone looking to book with Mar1, please steer them our way. I can't even get excited about our last 2 weeks of duck season here now! My waterfowl hunting cronies think I have lost my mind when we tell them we actually are considering moving to Quepos when we retire. As long as the stock market continues to do well, that may happen in 3-4 years. We may just try to get a place for a month or two in the winter and not during the rainy or hot summer season. We are already talking about coming back on another vacation and we definitely will line it up through you. If you do get our way when you are on your way back to Canada in the spring, please look us up and you will have a place to stay and we catch some walleye to eat and I will grill Mark a steak. Hope to talk to you again. Thanks again for everything. Jim and Theresa

March 2014

Hi Mark,Just want to thank you & Tracey for the perfect fishing trips! Couldn't be happier.

February 10 2014

E-mail from a happy Mar1 Sport fishing client read "Thank you for setting us up on the Big Eye. Had an amazing day and caught a large amount of fish. We experienced many great excursions and people in Costa Rica but our day of sport fishing was by far our favorite. Captain Rob and Tio went above and beyond to assure that we had the best experience possible.

C. Phillips February 10 2014

Local Bartender hooked us up

My girlfriend and me were enjoying cold one in one of the local establishments in Quepos on our second trip to Costa Rica when with a little help from the bar tender, we decided we should go deep sea fishing the next day. We were told to just wait a few minutes while he made a quick phone call and within in 15 minutes Mark from Mar 1 Sport Fishing came in the door. After asking Mark a few questions about the fishing, price and what was included, we gave him a deposit and told him we would meet him at 7 the next morning for a day of fishing.

Early the next morning, Mark met us at the pier, helped up get our fishing licenses and make sure we got on the Blue Pearl 2 with the crew to head out to catch some big fish. The morning bite was pretty slow so just after noon we decided we might as well eat our lunch – well then you know what happened – all hell broke loose!!! Double hook up!!!

Everyone dropped their sandwiches and jumped into action. My girlfriend got her fish to the boat first then my followed. What a rush!! OK…grabbed our lunch, crew set the hooks again…..a single sailfish this time!! My girlfriend grabbed her camera to catch me fighting hard to get this fish to the boat, a quick pose over the side of the boat and away the sailfish went. So I finally finished my lunch when the mate yelled "fish on" so my girlfriend's turn to take the rod. This time was a big bull Dorado that was mad!! He made her work hard but she won the battle!! The mate got the Dorado into the boat and we were set for supper that night. We had a couple bites after that but nothing would take the bait so the crew pulled in the lines and we headed back to the pier.

This was by far our best trip to Costa Rica and specially the Quepos area. Our hotel was great, the view was amazing, we tried some different restaurants and most of all we would like to thank Mark and Mar 1 Sport Fishing for helping us with a fishing trip to remember!! We will be back again and will contact Mark to book a day inshore maybe this time!! Thanks!!

Tyler & Jody January 2014


Bachelor Party

I am writing this on behalf of myself and my three buddies who spent 5 days in Costa Rica for my "bachelor party." We spent 3 days fishing, had supper and a few drinks in the evenings then we all were asleep by 10pm each night. My fiancé did all the booking online and we were lucky enough to have her find the website for Mar1 Sport fishing and Mark who help her set up all of our fishing.

We spent 2 full days offshore then Mark talked us into doing a ½ day inshore….what an amazing trip! The boats were comfortable, the crews worked hard to get us some fish and I have pictures from my bachelor party that I can show everyone!! Thanks Mar 1 Sport fishing for the great fishing and of course to my fiancé Liza for helping with this great party!!

Anthony & Liza January 2014


First review ever

I have never written a review on any of my holiday activities before but thought there was always a first time for everything and this would be a good place to start. Mar 1 Sport Fishing was recommended to me by a friend so I sent Mark and e-mail and we started working on the plans for a fishing trip out of Los Suenos , a marina near Jaco, Costa Rica. We had an great day with seven sailfish, one Dorado and a wahoo.

This might be the start of a yearly holiday and with Mark at Mar 1 Sport Fishing's' help, I know we will be fishing again, soon.

Frank January 2014


What a trip

Maybe I am still a little high from the great day fishing, I finally hooked my 1st sailfish after 63 ½ years! I can understand now what a difference a crew makes! These guys were always adjusting their baits and changing lures accordingly. The crew was friendly, patient, and extremely knowledgeable as well spoke good English. We all had a fantastic time as a group we pulled up 8 Sailfish and hooked 5 of them! Now that is a nice day of fishing!

I would recommend this crew to any of my friends or family. With Mark and Mar 1 Sport Fishing, they helped make this day happen.

Nico and Friends January 2014


Amazing Fishing Charter

We had an amazing day with Captain Oscar and Coco!! Those two worked so hard to ensure that we had a wonderful fishing experience! In addition to some sport fishing, we had really wanted to catch something that we could take back and prepare for our family- 5 Sailfish (caught and released) and 2 Dorado - they did it!! We had a wonderful dinner and some great stories!

Thank you to Mark and Mar 1 Sport fishing for a great day!!! We will definitely be back!

Melanie & John January 2014


Thanks for a great week

I just returned from a week-long fishing trip in Costa Rica and want to thank Mark and his crew at Mar 1 Sport Fishing for an excellent trip. We fished 3 1/2 days and caught 16 sailfish, one large Dorado and 3 rooster fish and 3 Snook inshore. We had a wonderful trip and couldn't ask for better coordination for our travel and stay in Quepos. If you are planning an off-shore fishing trip in Costa Rica, I would highly recommend Mar 1 Sport fishing

Phil & Joanne January 2014


Offshore fishing

We spent the day fishing with Orlando, Rudy and Harold. They were excellent! They were a big help with the 2 women in our group, they helped them bring in their first sailfish (we caught 9 sailfish in our day). The boat was comfortable with a bathroom and wonderful living room/kitchen galley. A wonderful day of snacks, lunch and beverages were all provided. We are forever thankful to Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing for hooking us up with this boat with the best crew in Costa Rica for a great day of fishing.

Robert, Nicole and friends January 2014


Large Group no Problem

We went with 7 of us fishing for the day and went 25 miles off shore. At one point we saw thousands of dolphins and that alone was worth the price of the trip. We caught 1 tuna (around 30lbs) and 6 sailfish. Each sailfish was around 8 feet long. The crew was fun, knowledgeable and very helpful. The 40 ft. boat was new, clean and well equipped. There was a very large air-conditioned cabin that was nice to retreat to after all the activity.

We ate sushi tuna on the boat and brought the rest to a restaurant to have the best tuna steaks we ever ate. I would highly recommend this anyone. All of us had a very positive experience and all felt like it was money very well spent. We would all like to thank Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing for helping us choice the comfort of the big boat with the best crew to make for an amazing day fishing!

Tip: The earlier you get out on the water, the more fish you will catch. We caught most of our fish in the morning. At first it was one fish after the other and then it kept slowing down.

John, Doreen, Bob & Pat and families January 2013




Mar1 Sport fishing reviews for 2013

My first Costa Rica Holiday

If your coming to Costa Rica to go fishing, Mark at Mar 1 sport fishing is the only way to go!

I traveled to Quepos the 1st week in March 2013 and had Mark handle every detail of my trip. From my flights to hotels to fishing, everything was taken care of just the way I wanted it.

The fishing could have been better but it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying. The guys on the boats Mark booked me on worked their tails off. I did manage to catch 2 sailfish on my offshore trip and Mark made sure I took home pictures and video to prove it!

Get in touch with Mark, tell him what your budget is and what your looking to do and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Bill C. March 10 2013

Thanks for everything

We tried to contact a few fishing charter companies in and around Quepos, Costa Rica to help us set up our holiday but Mark from Mar 1 Sport fishing was the quickest to respond so after talking for a few minutes, we decided to work with him to book all of our travel needs. This turned out to be the easiest most relaxing holiday we have ever had. We gave Mark the dates of our travel, an idea what we would like to see and do while in Costa Rica and gave him free reign with our plans.

We were picked up at the airport by a transfer van with an English speaker driver…with a quick sense of humor and managed to adopt us by the end of our holiday!! We spent two days relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach before the fun began. Our first day fishing was offshore, t was an amazing day on the water, not only did we catch 5 for 7 sailfish but we saw lots of dolphins and some large sea turtles.

We had a day to relax before we headed off for a half day inshore fishing. The scenery from the boat was beautiful with the rocks and the splashing waves to the view of the beach. We managed to catch and release 2 rooster fish and 3 Spanish mackerel for supper!! We had been staying at the beach so we moved to a hotel located in Quepos just for a change of scenery. Two of us head north out of Quepos to do a canopy tour which was a blast!!

The next day was a day arranged by Mark to see a couple of Costa Rica's hidden gems….a beautiful remote beach that stretched for miles, a water fall that was off the beaten path then we headed to a small "soda" that only served a specialty pork dish, yucca and plantain with a cold beer to finish off our day!! A couple of quiet days around the pool or on the beach then we headed out on our last day off shore fishing.

After another amazing yet very hot day on the water, we managed to hook 5 sailfish!! The last couple days of our holiday were spent wandering Quepos buying last minute gifts to take home and trying a few of the local restaurants plus one home cooked Costa Rican meal before an early morning wake up call from our van driver to head to San Jose to catch our plane north.

We would like to thank Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing in Quepos for an amazing job planning and executing our holiday to meet our every need and wish!! When we return to Costa Rica in 2014 we will once again rely on Mark plan our holiday to some new destination around the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

D, B, J & S – Canada January 25 2013

Great 2 week Holiday

What a fantastic holiday you put together for us, thanks for everything you truly were great and made our ultimate fishing trip one to remember

Donna V. January 8-21 2013

Words can't describe our experience

We can't tell you what a great day all around we had with Rick and Carlos. Those two guys are real assets to your organization. 11 for 11 sails on top of it all was pretty unbelievable. To tell you the truth when I originally read your fishing reports i thought someone was trying to help book a few more charters. I never would have thought that kind of fishing would have been possible 14 miles or so offshore.

We will definitely be returning to your boats. Can you go ahead and put me on your newsletter and if you have a face book page, I will have my wife "like" it. We also have some great pics and I think a few videos that should turn out good that Rick said he would like to have. We will send them when we get back to the states. Feel free to use them in any way you would like. Thanks again.

Jimmy Y. January 17 2013

Mar 1 Sport Fishing Best in Quepos

We have fished in Quepos before, but never have we had such a great experience. Usually we just book with the hotel that we are staying in but this time we decided to look online and see if we could get a better rate and choices before we arrived.

After e-mailing with a few of the local sport fishing companies we decided to go with Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing, it wasn't just because of price but was mostly based on the service we received before we even booked with him. All of the other companies were just worried about booking their own boats but he took the time to see exactly what we were looking for and our budget.

We fished one day inshore on the Mirce Azul, and one day offshore with the Blue Pearl 2, it was only after that we knew why he got us to fish on two different boats like that but it was the best fishing holiday we have ever been on.

Both days were amazing, the crew on both boats was fantastic and we caught lots of fish inshore and offshore. If you are doing some shopping around for fishing in Quepos give Mark at Mar 1 Sport Fishing a call or e-mail and he will get you hooked up. We will be back again and will fish with them every time now that we know where to find them

Todd R. January 14 2013

Got my first Billfish

I was introduced to Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing a few years back through a mutual friend. He had helped to get me out fishing a few times but at 65 years old and I have fished all my life, I had never caught a bill fish!! Last year I met a young fellow from Canada who had had bad experience fishing offshore so Mark gave us a great deal and put us on the Mar 1 and sent us offshore Captain Oscar. Within minutes of the lines being put in the water, we had our first bite. I had my first sailfish hooked up and even though he put up quiet the fight, I managed to get him to the boat. The crew barely had the lines set again when we spotted our next sailfish. The young Canadian was a fishing guide back home so he wanted to set the hook, bring the fish to the boat and do the release all on his own……he missed the first couple of hookups but soon got the hang of it and managed to release 3 for 7 sailfish. I managed to release 3 for 4 sailfish to end a great day out on the water. We want to thank Mark and the crew of the Mar 1 for a fishing day of a lifetime from this old guy!! When I return to Quepos, Costa Rica next year….we are looking for a marlin my friend.

Nick N January 4 2013

First time big game fishing: fantastic experience!

We (me and my wife) booked a one-day offshore fishing trip via Mar1 as he offered one of the best rates from the many company websites we found online. The boat we fished with (Mirce Azul) was not big, but it has everything you need to do some decent fishing.

The crew (Luis and Johnny) did an excellent job on preparing the gear and searching for hot spots. There was more than enough cold drinks on board and the Sandwich for lunch was good.

Overall a great day and we would certainly come back in the future.

Andre C. January 2 2013

Mar 1 Sport fishing reviews 2012

First trip to Costa Rica

Our first trip to Costa Rica started out with flying into Liberia on a direct flight from Calgary, Alberta Canada to a four hour drive to Quepos to our accommodations. What a great way to begin two weeks in paradise….seeing the beautiful country inland then driving along the coast to see the spectacular view of the ocean.

I had contacted Mark at Mar 1 Sport fishing in Quepos about fishing my first time offshore so he lined up a split charter with one other person on the Mar 1 to head out in search for sailfish, mahi mahi or maybe a marlin. The crew worked hard trying to find the fish and get us hooked up t, it was a great day on the Mar 1 with Captain Oscar and mate Poppe. The drinks were cold, the fresh fruit was amazing and lunch was great. They worked hard, kept changing things around and even stayed out longer than usual but it wasn't meant to be that day. We will return to Costa Rica another day and won't hesitate to call Mark with the Mar 1 to try again to "catch the big one!!" Thanks for the great service and wonderful day with Mar 1 Sport fishing.

Barry & Karen December 2012

Fishing trip

We went out fishing on December 27 2012 on the blue pearl 2, the crew was excellent , very friendly , and they work hard so we can catch some fish , this was not the high season and we catch 5 sailfish and had 11 strikes . I would fish with this boat again if I have the chance.

Carlos B.

Off-shore Fishing Trip

Went off-shore fishing with the Mar1 - had a great time with the crew and the owner. We caught seven sailfish, missed two. Also caught 3 mahi-mahi which was great eating that night for dinner. Had a great lunch - excellent captain and first mate with tons of experience. Fishing with Mar 1 Sport Fishing was a great experience and we can't wait to do it again when we return to Costa Rica.

S. Smith

Fishing trip Feb.2012

Mar 1 set up everything for us from start to finish. We stayed 2 weeks at The Verde Mar,A day & a half day of excellent fishing, caught Marlin & Rooster fish. Crew are great, helpful & very enthusiastic. We would go back & do it all again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Mark and Tracey for making this a great vacation

Janet G

Perfect Day of Fishing with Mar 1 Sport fishing

What a great day of fishing we had with Mar 1 Sport fishing. Captain Oscar did an amazing job of putting us on the fish, we didn't release every fish we hooked but that's fishing.

Over all from start to finish this was a great experience, from the ease of booking with Mark, down to the great lunch, ice cold drinks and fresh fruit on the boat, the boat itself and the fishing gear were all more than we could have expected.

Cam R.

Mar 1 Sport Fishing gave us a trip of a lifetime!!

Mark and crew did everything they could do to make our trip had a great day only had one fish but what a fish ! 300 lb. marlin . If I could go tomorrow I would book with them i a heart beat. Food and beverages were more than expected equipment worked fine what more can I say Thanks.

Mark D.


3 sailfish all day! Beautiful day, awesome captain Oscar!! First full day off shore in Quepos!

Chris W - Red Deer

fishing off the Mar 1 was a great experience. The crew knew exactly what they were doing and gave excellent direction before and during the fishing. More than enough food & drinks. Felt more than comfortable for my first time off shore fishing.

Teresa S. - Baltimore

We had a beautiful day to fish off shore, this boat really runs fast – more time to fish. We are here celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary & my husband is no longer a sailfish virgin. He released a beautiful sailfish after quite a fight. Yes!!! I am so happy to have had this experience & share it with our friends Captain Ron & Angie.

Joe S

Great day! Beautiful weather, good food & drink. A short menu on your website for lunch would be cool. Oscar was great to fish with. I got my first sailfish. They say you always remember your first! Only regret is wish we caught more than 1 fish, but that is why they call it "fishing"

Mar 1 Sport fishing reviews 2011

Ron & Angie C

Beautiful day, good food & great crew. Loved it!!

Stacey F

We got 6!! Great day

Karen W

Awesome day fishing!! 5 sailfish and 1 mahi mahi – good food, great crew – ran out of beer.

Todd E

Unbelievable day! Oscar was great! Many fish & great stories from the Mar 1 & Oscar

Mike Watson

Awesome fishing, Vinnie & Oscar were great! Awesome time!

Josi D

Great time!

Megan P.

Thanks for the great catch. Great pineapple & watermelon too. Best chef ever oh & captain!

Mike C.

Had a blast!!

Spencer D

Awesome time! Great Catch!

Del W - Arizona

Great crew-hard working, knowledgeable and they like to fish! Good boat – tackle adequate.

John C - Arizona

Great crew-vary organized – enjoyed my first sailfish!

Michael & Jami B. - Wildword Florida

We had an amazing time, honeymoon – we love to fish,fish all the time have never fished like today. Thank you so much. Please call us and to Captiva Florida. We go there every year. Amazing experience, we will never forget it.

Mike B.

First time ever to have a guide – you were the bomb. I will sleep good tonight. 12 sailfish Great job

Curt,Denny & Erik R.

Great day for the Rausch clan!! Rare mahi & a handful of sails. Thanks to Oscar.

Erik R.

Captain Oscar – thanks for a great day offshore. Experienced mate & captain. Well done. PS If ever in Florida – give a call

Clifford & Genea K - Tuscon AZ

Thanks so much for a great day! Although we didn't catch much it wasn't for lack of trying! We certainly enjoyed the wonderful fruit and even better company!

Dave M

My dad and I spend the last three days fishing on the Mar 1 and eating pineapple with Oscar. We enjoyed it a lot (as usual) and could have used a couple more days. Fishing was a little slow but we caught some nice jacks and a mackerel.

Gord, Glenn, Jeff - Dallas, Texas

We had a great time fishing! The sailfish made our day. Planning our next trip to last longer. Thanks to the crew and captain for making our trip special.

Mar 1 Sport fishing reviews 2010

Rick A

Got one very nice sailfish good day good company I'll be back!!

Dr. Kerry L.

Caught my first 4 roosters, one barracuda and trigger fish. Took me a little time to get the hook set but they talked me thru it. Only missed one rooster fish I could see.

Jim K - Edmonton

Thanks for showing me the ropes, everyday got better. Even roping a dolphin for the extra points. From sails to roosters and bottom feeding next to the shrimp boat for jacks. Can't wait till next year so my friends can get their first bucket fish.

J. Perry - Calgary

Fished 4 days caught fish every day. From roosters to sails to jacks. Thanks for the good times . Also thanks for the other help on the food and entertainment in Manuel Antonio & Quepos. Great food and good activities. Would come again Cheers

Hello Tracey and Mark,

We just wanted to thank you guys again for a wonderful day on the water. Your whole crew made that day very special for the both of us, Mar 1 Sport Fishing could not have asked for a better crew and experience. That Sail was the highlight of my trip and looking through the pictures make me anxious for next year.

Harry X and Crew

Now that Mar 1 Sport Fishing are all back into "reality" here...snowstorm predicted for tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you what a great time Mar 1 Sport Fishing had in Costa Rica ....thanks to you both! Personally I took care of 2 great fish on my "bucket list" couldn't be more pleased than not only landing one, but 2!!sailfish, and on top of that,,,catching and releasing 3 rooster fish, while Joe landed a "trophy size 65#? rooster" Add on to that the beautiful weather and great place Mar 1 Sport Fishing stayed in ...it was awesome!!! One of the best vacations of my life!


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