Barracuda fishing in Costa Rica

Barracuda-fishingBarracuda are Vicious hunters with lightning speed and accuracy, the barracuda is also one of the most aggressive. Barracuda have incredibly sharp teeth that can very easily lacerate you if you manage to get within biting range.

Barracuda are aggresive fish

Many attacks on humans have been caused by barracudas, usually ending in the loss of an arm or a leg. Barracudas are also attracted by shinny and luminous objects, therefore it is advised that when entering barracuda infested waters, one should take off any jewelry or any other garment or piece that attracts and reflects light.

Food, Feeding and Hunting : The barracuda attacks swiftly and is a savage, fierce hunter with cannibalistic tendencies. It's diet depends on what fish is available in its habitat. It will prey upon groupers, snappers, grunts, breams and occasionally it's own young. Unlike sharks whom depend very little on their vision, the barracuda hunts with its acute eyesight, even in the most murky and dark waters. It is also believed that barracudas are cooperative and may hunt in herds to drive their prey into schools to increase their success.

Breeding : Barracudas are such aggressive animals that they only come together for two occasions; to temporarily hunt and to spawn. The eggs are laid on the surface waters away from shore. Young barracudas lay up to five thousand eggs, however, mature females can lay up to three-hundred thousand. The newly hatched fry are born tenacious and begin preying upon other fish as soon as they hatch.

Sport fishing for Barracuda

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